Leaves From The Vine


Has anyone heard of D&D online Website Roll20. ill be play with a group on the 13th of September and i’m bran new to the website. so im still learning, but if we can ill be happy to give it a tray to play with you guys

Thrang Silversmith Sission 11

Session 11 Alrighty well my test in trying to join the Heroes Guild in the test there was a crystal that I touched and in touching nothing around the area I was in happening. I decide to give it a hug. in doing that a cold feeling came over me and I fainted. I woke up 2 weeks later. I noticed that my arms to my elbows and legs to my knees were gone. I found out that they had to amputate my limbs off to save my life. Luckily, I have the Dukar Hand Coral is growing my limbs back. It will take a week for them to grow back. When I finely recovered. We got a quest to go to this Village and take care of a rumor of Werewolves and that’s where we are now.

Haradion: Session 10 (2017-04-06)

I’ve had more than sufficient time for reflection as of late. It seems that our journey is almost cursed to take unexpected turns at every opportunity. Not long ago, I would have raged against the inconveniences, but I’m beginning to learn how to accept them. The new challenges are merely new chances to expand my horizons with knowledge and with the very essence of this strange universe I call home. For what is the universe but a grand experience?

Through recent events, I have become surprisingly comfortable with my new physical form. The changes in my physique have slowed enough to give me time to adapt and to grow accustomed to my newfound strength and natural armaments. Plamen is now aware of my…condition, and it seems it may now be time to drop the ruse entirely. After all, I’m now the captain of the caravel Ashyr’s Breath, and if the members of my crew are to trust me, they must know my true nature.

Thrang Silversmith sission 10

Session 10 Alright. I remember that Se’Tama and I went on our own to find the path. And Haradion and Plamen went together. We looked for 2-3 hours and out of nowhere Se’Tama in med sentence in giving advice for Woman and went down. I am seeing that he’s down out cold. I try to come to his ade. And I wish I could say I put up a good fight and I killed whatever attacked us. In mid Yell in saying “Seee’Taaaa……..” I got hit on the head. Then I wake up with Haradion and Plamen standing over me. We all now keep pressing on word. It takes a lot of time traveling through Forest, Swaps, and a big Lake with some Water Dinosaurs. Luckily Plamen scared any of them away somehow. We Finely get to this Wind Singers place. It’s Beautiful, if I wasn’t on this adventure this is a pace where I would choose. I need to remember this place, if I really want to stay I just need to get rid of the Dwarf. Well he doesn’t want to come or be hired but he taught me and Plamen how to be a Wind Singer. It takes about a month and half to learn this skill, I think it’s worth it. By the time, we came it back. The Crew and the people have been working on a ravine to get out. We didn’t really need the wind singer but I think later down the road it will be worth it. The Captain made a deal to have a half dozen ships. In going through this adventure on this island and I almost died multiple times. I went to the Captain to tell her that I almost died many times to learn this Skill and now it Looks like we don’t need to get out of this cove. And I kiss her. Flat out. I really expected to be slap or threaten, well no slap but I did get the threat, never do that in front of the Men she doesn’t want them to all up in her business Also an invention to come to her cabin on the Melanie that night. We talked and got I got to know her more. Lisette Beifong is her full name. She was in the Earth Kingdom Army but they found out she is a Water bender and the Army resigned her to the Navy. She fell in love with the Sea. I think my friends don’t know of this new development of the affection.

Plamen-Session eight and nine
the Journal of Plamen entry 8 -9

As we were on our way on this ship we got things that we need to do and it is hard labor but little to no thought is need so my mind has been racing want something more to do and then I remembered that we still have the hole that we haven’t done anything with so I ask Haradion if he want to help me look at the hole and see what is up with it and why it smells. and with that everyone else wanted to come and help so we opened it up and the smell was bad. but we went in and there was a 2-foot-thick muck so that is where the stink is coming from thankfully it wasn’t too acidic and it burns us but what it is I want to find out. but first, we need to learn more about the whole place. just then I look around and did see where Thrang went. so, he went and wondered off. my bet is this may end badly. So Se’Tema went looking for him and he disappeared so from that I knew that some magic was doing something so I looked for magic and could see that it was maze and looking at it there are many ways to go but they all lead to the same place so we went on and got to this place it was a jail cell and the odd thing was being one man that was in all the possibilities. With seeing all the way to get to the same thing it made me think about magic and how I have never been good with it but I have power I know that I have even seen it but maybe that power is not from the arcane but something else I can remember a time that my grandfather talked about people he knew being able to do thing by just thinking about it. he said many great powers we are born with but may lay just out of reach. that may be what this is my powers bubbling up to the top. I need to study this out and find the way I need to go. maybe that is why my father has always said teaching me magic was like teaching a rock. but anyway, back to what was happening with the hole seeing all the possibilities I could make out that there are hundreds of people down here and I think I found one cell that has both Thrang and Se’Tema and there trying to get out I can see the key that they put in the lock so I took it and let them out and then the trap sprung and the floor went out from under us. and most of them fell in so I helped as many as I could get out of the nasty muck filled pit. and we rush out because I knew I would not be able it keeps up know where to go and we brought the man from the cell with us. and as we started to leave the muck started to rise but we all got out but the muck eats through our cloth gear so it and then the leaches but just after all this a pirate ship came into view and they came up to us and attack killing two of our crew I must write a letter to their family about that. but we fought them off and took their ship for our own and now Se’Tema runs it so we have a second ship that our party own now our we freed the slave and they joined the crew and the kobolds that we did kill crew our new ship. but all of the chase that the ship did move us off course and we still need food and other things but we found an island to get stuff but as we came to the bay the current moved us into the bay and now we are stuck so the other thought up a plan to get us out and the other ships stuck here but my mind was on other things like magic and myself I feel like my mind has been doing what I thought was arcane magic but I don’t think it is anymore maybe I will figure this all out in the end. as I was thinking they found out about a wind singer on this island so we went to find him. we went up a cliff and some birds try to get us and my whole thoughts were get away from me and one did fly away and we got to the top and I got attack be two little dinosaurs so I killed them with ease and then the big one came it was a Spinosaurus and I tried to eat me but I tried the trick the I did with the birds and it worked he dropped me and did want to be close to me. with both times, I did say anything and move my hands I think that I’m different in the way things work for me. I have much to learn about this. but that must be why I was never any good at magic.

Thrang Silversmith Session 9

Session 9 Alright after out battle with the Pirates, we tuck stuck, we have wounded and a lot slaves (50) and 29 Cobalt’s. but we have there willing to serve Se’Tama because of Draico blood. I’m happy we have their ship, it’s going to be a nice way to help defend the Melanie. Well we need Supplies were running low. We passed the inland we were planning on heading too. But we had to pass that inland but we found a new one and we saw a bay and came in to it and the Ship Melanie got stuck. As we talked to the people there in bay, for now can see 6 ships stuck as well. But it looks like 3 are still worthy of sailing. As we talked to the people we learned. There is a guy that can help all of us to leave the inland. As we travel to find this guy. We get attacked by a freaken Spinosaurus. And in the heat of Battle, I charge the Little (big) frekin lizard and he eats me. So, I don’t know all what happen outside the stomach of the Lizard, but I was doing the best I can in carving myself out. But I fell unconsusece and the next thing I knew I was out side and my friends are using my potions to save me. As I get up a giant Gorla come and pushes the Spinosaurus of the edge of a cliff. Later as we are traveling through the Forest. I really, really needed to go to the bathroom, and do number 2. And I really didn’t want to do it in front of everyone, I know it’s not safe go off alone. So Haradion offered to come with me. After my business, we get attacked by these Ape Creatures. It was looking like close call but we pulled it in the end in killing 5 midm and 4 large ones.

Se'Tema Session 8

After what seemed like a an eternity at sea, there was finally some excitement, and of course it came in one swell foop. After a brief jaunt through what was a surprisingly clean portable pit, we came back on deck and then, finally, there was a fight. some kobold pirates tried to get the drop on us. Sadly the fight only lasted 24 seconds (it was so short I counted), but it was good after a long period of inactivity to stretch out a little and I’ve been much calmer since (the bottle of whiskey helps too of course).

Oh. And I pulled some guy out of the pit. Haven’t seen him around too much… kinda forgot about him actually. Huh.

Haradion: Session 8 (2017-03-21)

It seems that we’re fated to accumulate an ever-increasing number of tag-alongs in this journey. First Glyss’s nephew (who seems unpleasantly…cold), then an enigmatic and hopelessly insane stranger, and finally an entire crew of kobolds. Of all these, though, the stranger interests me the most.

I suppose I should explain the circumstances in which we found him. Weeks ago, we defeated a group of cultist bandits and confiscated their supplies. Among their possessions was a strange portal to a miserable maze of muck.

(To be continued…)

Thrang Silversmith

Session 8 Alright… Were on our Ship the Melanie, and it’s been a few months since we started. I learned a lot in handling a ship and being a quartermaster. So far, our journey has been good one, one day we remember that we have the Pit of Otyuhg, and that Glyss wouldn’t buy it because it smelled Bad. So, we decided to go inside and clean it. So, we went inside Me being me, I rush in and get myself lost and it was only to my friends that I made it out. But as we were down here, we found a Prisoner that was babbling. With some close calls, we made it out of here. When we got out of the pit and tuck stock of what we went through. All my clothing and besides my Magical ones and Armor which only left my Shirt and Pants that was dissolved. I tried making sure the Captain saw me. Well after cleaning the muks off me and getting some clothes on. We get word from the Crow’s-nest that we have a Pirate ship on its way to us. But we had time to rest for a short time before the battle. We fought the Cobalt it was a short battle but in the end, we won. I couldn’t hit anything again… it’s my luck.

Plamen-Session seven
the Journal of Plamen entry 7

we got back to the city and gave Glyss Whitefeather the Blackthorne Rose, we got for him and then he asked if he could know the place that it grows but I couldn’t tell him for it was not mine to give. Then we heard a lot of noise come from the back it turned out to be Glyss’s nephew he looks like a clumsy person to me. and then just to get rid of him he told us to take him with us and he would give us a 5% discount when we bought him back alive. and me having this money burning a hole in my pocket I convinced him to give us 2.5% now. and 2.5% when he came back. with that, we took a few nights in the city as I found a ship to take us to the The BreakLands so we could check up on the map we got. I found one and we talk the guy into going but we had to get the crew so I took care of that and got us a good crew and we met the captain and her officers and set sail. as we went Brother Longfoot, who is the ship’s cartographer we ask him about making a better map for us and he said he could and that I would cost 15000 GP to do so. so we did it but part of me thinks we should have taken the map to a priest to get the curse removed first. but anyway as we met with the officer to name the ship and to help Thrang out because we always need a reminder of what we lost for without it. we can not grow to be better men. so I offered the name of Melanie to name this fine ship and to make it better the captain’s mother’s name is Melaine. Yes I looked over and saw Thrang give me the stink eye but It stuck and now the fine ship Melanie is on her way.


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