Leaves From The Vine

GM log session one: 1/24/16

The Thorn of the Rose

Thrang: Broem is Dying… Melanie has asked thrang to go find a cure in Ba Sing Se.

Plamen: The clan has found a rare plant (Blackthorne Rose) that serves as a cure for most illness. They have asked Plamen to take it to a famous alchemist and apothecary in Ba Sing Se to have it distilled into such a cure.

Se Tema: Se Tema is tasked by his father to find his old friend Broem and return a modest sum of money to him. In The War, Broem had served with his father, and when his father had gambled away the last of his wages, Broem had lent him money to have his armor fixed. The very next day, in battle, his father’s life was saved by that armor, but his mercenary band had been called to service somewhere else, and he had never had a chance to pay Broem back. with interest, the amount comes to 500 silver pieces.

Ja’Man Ca’ree: Ja’man has been serving as bodyguard to the alchemist for the last several years, after the alchemist bought out his debts in exchange for indentured servitude.

Haradion: Haradion has need of herbs for his spell component pouch, but nobody can seem to provide him with Blackthorne Rose, which he needs as a component to cast healing spells. He is traveling to Ba Sing Se to see if any of the master alchemists or apothecaries have it.

Ian: Ian is a caravan guard after serving in The War. He is tasked with guarding the vault cart.

A diverse assortment of adventurers meet on the road about a day out from Ba Sing Se. They are eating dinner, quaffing ale, and talking amongst themselves when the alarm is raised. Bandits have been spotted!

The bandits attack, hoping to rob the caravan of whatever valuables would warrant such a vault cart as the one that is present to carry the extraordinarily precious Blackthorne Rose to broker a supply deal with a famous alchemist in the city.

The attack commences and the adventurers rise to the challenge, fending off the dozen highwaymen, capturing three to face justice, and killing five more.

The tired adventurers keep a night watch, continuing to aid the caravan that offered them shelter on the road. The next morning comes too soon for anyone’s liking, and they travel into the city to further their goals. Plamen Brokers a lucrative deal for his clan to supply Glyss with a steady, if modest, amount of the curative flower, and the various other others arrive at the alchemy shop only to discover that they are all connected in some way.



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