Leaves From The Vine

Haradion: Session 10 (2017-04-06)

I’ve had more than sufficient time for reflection as of late. It seems that our journey is almost cursed to take unexpected turns at every opportunity. Not long ago, I would have raged against the inconveniences, but I’m beginning to learn how to accept them. The new challenges are merely new chances to expand my horizons with knowledge and with the very essence of this strange universe I call home. For what is the universe but a grand experience?

Through recent events, I have become surprisingly comfortable with my new physical form. The changes in my physique have slowed enough to give me time to adapt and to grow accustomed to my newfound strength and natural armaments. Plamen is now aware of my…condition, and it seems it may now be time to drop the ruse entirely. After all, I’m now the captain of the caravel Ashyr’s Breath, and if the members of my crew are to trust me, they must know my true nature.



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