Leaves From The Vine

Haradion: Session 3 (2017-02-07)

We encountered even more delay in Tamarind Village. I should hardly be surprised at this point; at the rate I’m going, I’ll have to shave an entire herd of yaks before I obtain my Blackthorne Rose. Apparently this Broem is less ill than I assumed—or perhaps more—as he has abandoned the safety of the village to sequester himself in a hunting cabin. Of course, now we have to chase after him.

Given the rumors of trolls, I prepared to defend the party, but I didn’t expect the encounter in which we found ourselves entangled. In an attempt to free Thrang’s friend, I unintentionally engendered the wrath of a pair of Entlings, and in the heat of the moment, I fought back. It was only as we were tending to our wounds that I realized the magnitude of my foolishness. The Ents love peace above all else; surely I could have reasoned with them. If only I knew how to communicate with them. I’ll have to learn that now; the Ent council will be deeply displeased, and they have every right to be. This is not the first time I have erred due to a misunderstanding, but something about the recent events is especially disturbing to me. I must do all I can to ensure that this time is the last.



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