Leaves From The Vine

Haradion: Session 4 (2017-02-14)

The past few days have been terribly confusing and exhausting. As I expected, we faced justice for our slaughter of the Entlings—although the Ents’ sense of justice is almost shockingly merciful. As we completed our assigned penance, something…overwhelmed me. It’s exceptionally difficult to describe, but it’s almost as if the spirit of Ashyr spoke to me. Not verbally; it burned within my blood. Not long thereafter, I discovered that portions of my skin had turned…almost scaly. I’m not sure what has caused this peculiar effect? Was it merely latent draconic traits from my ancestry asserting themselves? Some Entish magic? A curse or a blessing from Ashyr himself? In any case, Se Tema seemed surprised but not shocked. In fact, he was even a bit…amused? dismissive? Something like that. He may know something that will help me unravel this enigma.



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