Leaves From The Vine

Plamen-Session eight and nine

the Journal of Plamen entry 8 -9

As we were on our way on this ship we got things that we need to do and it is hard labor but little to no thought is need so my mind has been racing want something more to do and then I remembered that we still have the hole that we haven’t done anything with so I ask Haradion if he want to help me look at the hole and see what is up with it and why it smells. and with that everyone else wanted to come and help so we opened it up and the smell was bad. but we went in and there was a 2-foot-thick muck so that is where the stink is coming from thankfully it wasn’t too acidic and it burns us but what it is I want to find out. but first, we need to learn more about the whole place. just then I look around and did see where Thrang went. so, he went and wondered off. my bet is this may end badly. So Se’Tema went looking for him and he disappeared so from that I knew that some magic was doing something so I looked for magic and could see that it was maze and looking at it there are many ways to go but they all lead to the same place so we went on and got to this place it was a jail cell and the odd thing was being one man that was in all the possibilities. With seeing all the way to get to the same thing it made me think about magic and how I have never been good with it but I have power I know that I have even seen it but maybe that power is not from the arcane but something else I can remember a time that my grandfather talked about people he knew being able to do thing by just thinking about it. he said many great powers we are born with but may lay just out of reach. that may be what this is my powers bubbling up to the top. I need to study this out and find the way I need to go. maybe that is why my father has always said teaching me magic was like teaching a rock. but anyway, back to what was happening with the hole seeing all the possibilities I could make out that there are hundreds of people down here and I think I found one cell that has both Thrang and Se’Tema and there trying to get out I can see the key that they put in the lock so I took it and let them out and then the trap sprung and the floor went out from under us. and most of them fell in so I helped as many as I could get out of the nasty muck filled pit. and we rush out because I knew I would not be able it keeps up know where to go and we brought the man from the cell with us. and as we started to leave the muck started to rise but we all got out but the muck eats through our cloth gear so it and then the leaches but just after all this a pirate ship came into view and they came up to us and attack killing two of our crew I must write a letter to their family about that. but we fought them off and took their ship for our own and now Se’Tema runs it so we have a second ship that our party own now our we freed the slave and they joined the crew and the kobolds that we did kill crew our new ship. but all of the chase that the ship did move us off course and we still need food and other things but we found an island to get stuff but as we came to the bay the current moved us into the bay and now we are stuck so the other thought up a plan to get us out and the other ships stuck here but my mind was on other things like magic and myself I feel like my mind has been doing what I thought was arcane magic but I don’t think it is anymore maybe I will figure this all out in the end. as I was thinking they found out about a wind singer on this island so we went to find him. we went up a cliff and some birds try to get us and my whole thoughts were get away from me and one did fly away and we got to the top and I got attack be two little dinosaurs so I killed them with ease and then the big one came it was a Spinosaurus and I tried to eat me but I tried the trick the I did with the birds and it worked he dropped me and did want to be close to me. with both times, I did say anything and move my hands I think that I’m different in the way things work for me. I have much to learn about this. but that must be why I was never any good at magic.



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