Leaves From The Vine

Se'Tema Intersession Level Up

At last the whole rigamarole of satisfying family honor has ended. I did not expect it to be so convoluted, or so deadly. Still, I have wind of an adventure that promises wealth, power, and bloodshed, so it was well worth it.

It was nice to be away from my companions though. Some of them try my patience exceedingly. I have drunk more alcohol over the last week trying to keep my cool then I ever have. And of course once I returned from my journey, I found my band of brave warriors dying at the hands of some shrimpy little dancing men who didn’t even outnumber them… I can’t even…

I do believe this was the longest I had been away from either of the temples of my parents at one stretch, and when I came back I realized that there is a substantial aura of power at this place. The scent of dragons weighs heavily there. and ever since I returned to my father, I dream… strange dreams. I see scraps and fragments of the lives of my ancestors, Ahpohcohlipseese and Ahrmahhedohn, the great reds.



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