Leaves From The Vine

Se'Tema Post Festival Pre Map Theft Discorvery

Yesterday was… hard to describe. My fathers obligation is resolved. I need only carry a small flask to him and this entire strange chapter can end. There are big things coming in the future. This treasure map Broem gave us excites me more than anything has in a long while… And that whole mixup with the Ents and their silly ways. It is good not have enemies, but doing that task for them felt to much like admitting fault. oh well, It’s over.

This backwater festival was utterly underwhelming. At least the alcohol was plentiful, and even surprisingly good. I believe my companions are confused by how much I drink. I think they would mind less if they were aware of much I depend on the effects of to keep the edge off. The urge to unleash the full breadth of my powers indiscriminately can grow so strong. It is far better that I drink than kill my companions.



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