Leaves From The Vine

Thang Silversmith Session 2

Session 2 Well we all in the shop talking with Glyss Whitefeather trying to get the Blackthorn Rose. I got to say, I never met anyone like Glyss before, he was interesting. So back to business, we have a problem a costly one the amount that Glyss is asking for the Blackthorn Rose is 3,000 GP…. I don’t have that kind of Gold lane around. Luckily Setema and Haradion are wonderful Guys because they helped negotiation with Glyss and we made a Contact with him. That he will make a cure for the for Broem. So we down payment of 1500 and promised to bring some Blackthrone Rose. I and Setema and Haradion Signed the contact, we invited Plamen and Ian to come with us. They said yes, we then need wait until Morning when the cure will be ready, so we all went our ways to spend the night. When we met up at the Shop we found out that it was lock. Haradion thought that something was wrong, so we check the back nothing out of the ordinary. We come back to the front and we have some sausages and luckily I didn’t get sick. (But between you and me… I’m a hunter and I have had a lot of different meat but I don’t know WHAT it was.) Anyway we talked and desiced on breaking in. so Plamen got us in but sadly to the sacrifice of his lock pick, but he didn’t get hit by lighting. So we talked with Glyss after he Plamen turned off the alarm. ( I think I have hunch a good one that say we should’ve just Nocked harder) Haradion looking at the potion went off on Glyss because he was doing it wrong the mixture of the cure, I’m happy we had Setema and Plamen there because they help smooth things over. When we got the Cure we left for my Home land. So got myself a Mule and I’m naming him or her Ace. And when were all stocked with supplies we lift for my home land. Our trip long but we didn’t have any cray happen to us. We then made it to my Village Tamarind village.



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