Leaves From The Vine

Thrang Silversmith

Session 8 Alright… Were on our Ship the Melanie, and it’s been a few months since we started. I learned a lot in handling a ship and being a quartermaster. So far, our journey has been good one, one day we remember that we have the Pit of Otyuhg, and that Glyss wouldn’t buy it because it smelled Bad. So, we decided to go inside and clean it. So, we went inside Me being me, I rush in and get myself lost and it was only to my friends that I made it out. But as we were down here, we found a Prisoner that was babbling. With some close calls, we made it out of here. When we got out of the pit and tuck stock of what we went through. All my clothing and besides my Magical ones and Armor which only left my Shirt and Pants that was dissolved. I tried making sure the Captain saw me. Well after cleaning the muks off me and getting some clothes on. We get word from the Crow’s-nest that we have a Pirate ship on its way to us. But we had time to rest for a short time before the battle. We fought the Cobalt it was a short battle but in the end, we won. I couldn’t hit anything again… it’s my luck.



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