Leaves From The Vine

Thrang Silversmith Session 7- 3/8/2017

Session 7 Ok, I want to say first that I’m a Stupid buger fool of a man!!! Ha, after our encounter with the bandits, my companions and I make it to Ba-sing-se. We meet with Glyss and as we are concluding our Contract and our business in selling our lute.

- Boots Agile Leaping – 600 gp - Hewards Handy Haversack – 2,000 gp - Silent Portal Disc – 360 gp - Liquid Sunlight – 15 vials -30 ish cp - Dukar Hand Coral – 1,600 gp

In doing this, we hear a noise that happens in the back of the shop and we get to meet Glyss’s Nephew. Vladimir Hohenhiem, He’s a Dragon Born.

Glyss wants us to take his Nephew on our adventure, and we agree. Our contract with Glyss is to make sure he returns alive, in a year’s time. Alright… that the Business we had that day during the night I wanted to have a great time with a companion… NOT my friends! But a different kind of Companion… the Next morning I have contracted a disease and so while my friends are waiting at the meeting point… I’m dealing with this sickness and Glyss helps me in getting the right cure… when I finely meet up with my Friends with Hoheniem right behind me, they asked what tuck so long, and luckily I diverted a question in that we needed to find us a boat to take us across the Silent Sea. But Setema and I locked eyes, and I think he know what I did. Crap why the hack am I such a fool!!??



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