Leaves From The Vine

Thrang Silversmith sission 10

Session 10 Alright. I remember that Se’Tama and I went on our own to find the path. And Haradion and Plamen went together. We looked for 2-3 hours and out of nowhere Se’Tama in med sentence in giving advice for Woman and went down. I am seeing that he’s down out cold. I try to come to his ade. And I wish I could say I put up a good fight and I killed whatever attacked us. In mid Yell in saying “Seee’Taaaa……..” I got hit on the head. Then I wake up with Haradion and Plamen standing over me. We all now keep pressing on word. It takes a lot of time traveling through Forest, Swaps, and a big Lake with some Water Dinosaurs. Luckily Plamen scared any of them away somehow. We Finely get to this Wind Singers place. It’s Beautiful, if I wasn’t on this adventure this is a pace where I would choose. I need to remember this place, if I really want to stay I just need to get rid of the Dwarf. Well he doesn’t want to come or be hired but he taught me and Plamen how to be a Wind Singer. It takes about a month and half to learn this skill, I think it’s worth it. By the time, we came it back. The Crew and the people have been working on a ravine to get out. We didn’t really need the wind singer but I think later down the road it will be worth it. The Captain made a deal to have a half dozen ships. In going through this adventure on this island and I almost died multiple times. I went to the Captain to tell her that I almost died many times to learn this Skill and now it Looks like we don’t need to get out of this cove. And I kiss her. Flat out. I really expected to be slap or threaten, well no slap but I did get the threat, never do that in front of the Men she doesn’t want them to all up in her business Also an invention to come to her cabin on the Melanie that night. We talked and got I got to know her more. Lisette Beifong is her full name. She was in the Earth Kingdom Army but they found out she is a Water bender and the Army resigned her to the Navy. She fell in love with the Sea. I think my friends don’t know of this new development of the affection.



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