Leaves From The Vine

Thrang Sivlersmith Bandit Incouter 3-4-2017

On our Way to the Sea we stopped at a small Village to rest, and we heard that the people are in need of some help taking care of some Bandits, we offered our assistance. We lead a trap and we got 2 out of 5, we followed the others to the hind out. In trying to Flush them out a battle ensued it was hard.

I for one was learning because this was one of my first fight with my new armor and weapon, so I was learning… these Bandits for some reason was every lucky in hitting us and getting through our defenses. Se Tama was off visiting his Dad and Ian went to the Sea port, to find us a ship for our journey. So it was Haradion and Plamen and I. Faced these 3 Bandits and we all were knocked out, not until we killed 2out of 3 and the last one should signs that he was close…. Se Tama showed up and attacked the lost one and killed him.



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