Leaves From The Vine

Thrang Sivlersmith Session 6

Session 6 My life sucks right now. The home I have, I am no longer welcomed at home, because of stupid curs that Killed to Mentor Broem and now the whole Tamarind Village thinks that I did it… This of cores I didn’t do it because of our Map that Broem made had this Forgetful Curss on it. Something magical happen that I don’t understand but what I seen and have heard from my friends we all have something like a vision or something like that. Too put everything in order, we were locked up, some Villagers “Bob, John, and Sam” tired to burn us. We got out, and talked with Mayor Gorst, and Lord Thane and resolved everything. I’m not happy about this, but I can at least find out more What Broem back story, that he didn’t share often. Good news, Broem left me a gift when my friends and I made it too my home. Broem being Honest said that I wasn’t right with the Bow, but I’m more suited for a Armor and Sword and shield, I got a sweet set of armor.



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