• Han Tzu

    Han Tzu

    Work in Progress
  • Tim


    wouldn't you like to know
  • {Acchilles Adrastos}

    {Acchilles Adrastos}

    "Never Subtle Nor Cryptic is the Reckoning of the Mighty."
  • {Face Stealer}

    {Face Stealer}

    "It's been a long time since I've added a child's face to my collection."
  • {Lochrann Flakk}

    {Lochrann Flakk}

    "Whatever Nature intended for you to be is what you will be. This is not a bad thing. Embrace it. This is the center of Peace. Some struggle to find their place in the world. I know mine. I am Lochrann Flakk, Defendor of worlds."
  • {Old Iron}

    {Old Iron}

    "At the core of human nature is the will to dominate [...] there can be no balance between the Spirit World and the human one."
  • {Sasha}


    "Tell me comrade what good is all this magic if you can't hit someone with an axe? Tell me of the usefulness of this, Heh??"
  • {Thomas Blackthorne}

    {Thomas Blackthorne}

    "The consequenses of our actions are the scarecrows of fools, and the beacons of wise men."
  • {Wan}


    "I am he who knows ten thousand things."
  • {Zànshì}


    "Earning trust takes time and effort. Earning the wisdom to deserve it even more so."
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