Se Tema

If you are lucky, he'll merely burn you to ash.


Se’tema was born with unique parentage. His mother and father were members of two different dragon worshiping cults. These cults make their money by hiring out their members as mercenaries to different principalities and cities. Bucephalus and Llamrei were the scions of their respective cults as they had the most draconic ancestors of all the dragon worshipers, and proved themselves in battle and in internal politics. A deal was made to unite their bloodlines and thus Se’tema was born. His draconic heritage was evident from birth. Breathing fire from the cradle, manifesting powers of flight, and having a dragons gilded tongue, if Se’tema wasn’t actually worshiped, he was certainly revered. He was a child with no peers, and a youth with no equals. Particularly in his youth, but even now, having traveled some and seen the world, he remains supremely confident in his unique power and strength. A man without fear, humility, or restraint, he travels on behalf of his parents respective temples.


Se Tema

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