Thrang Silversmith


Favored Enemy Human 4 Orc 2 Language Elves and Dwarven When a person earn my trust and my friendship, they have it for life, unless they try killing, or using me for there own intention. If you make me an enemy, I will fight to the gates of hell and back.


Character Questionnaire Part 1 1. • Who were the character’s parents? My Father was a black Smith, and my Mother is a chef at the loe cool Inn. • Did they raise the character? Yes 2. • Did the character have any childhood friends? Yes one and her Name was Melanie and she doesn’t know that he has a crush on him. • Any siblings? 4. 2 Brothers, and 2 Sisters • Where are they now? they have moved on to make their own life with their families. • Does the character stay in touch with them or have they become separated? Whenever he can he meet with them because he knows they love him, but also that they would do anything for him. 3. • What was childhood like for the character? Hard because he always went with the Hunting party. So was almost never home. • Calm and peaceful or turbulent and traumatic? Rough and traumatic because he had a really interesting trips into the Wilderness. 4. • Does the character have any or did the character have any role models? One, • Describe them. He was the Main hunter of every trip. His name was Brome he served in the Military and he chose to be a hunter when he left. • 5. • What did the character do before he / she entered the story? He went on hunts when the time and season was right. And in the time not hunting he was hanging around with his friend Melanie and sibling, and helping his father in the Forge. • Who trained the character to do what she / he dose now? Broem taught Him how to use a Bow and a Dagger. And he being a retired military he showed him how to use a sword and became a good one, not great but good. • What are the character’s moral and religious beliefs? He Believes that the Gods of this world has not right to take away or choice because there God and you must do what they said. He believes that if you want to have people follow you, you must first earned their trust. • What lengths will the character go to defend those beliefs? He will Deafened others choice because he know thing happen and he wants everyone to be able to do their own thing and live with that Choice. • Who or what taught those beliefs to the character? My Father, he taught me all this through the Black Smithing 6. • Does the character have any unusual habits or physical traits? He has some scars on his back because of some wolfs that he encountered, but Habits he loves weapons all types. And he loves making things with his hands and he never misses a chance to try his skill to learn something new. • How do others tend to react to them? Nothing they think I’m a little weird. 7. • What is the general reaction to the character from others? Wariness from others for he looks threatening with his dark look and air that emanate from him. • Why, in the character’s opinion, do they act that way? Because they done know the true me, all they see is a guy with a sword and a long Bow and a cloak witch in all right is odd unto itself, but he has a lot of practice in stealth witch makes like he melds into the shadows 8. • Can the character kill another rational creature? Yes no problem • Why would the character kill? Only to those that try to kill him or those that he love and cares about. He tries not to kill those that don’t deserve it. • Does he / she have any enemies at all? There are none in the village he lives in. • Would or could the character kill them? Yes if he had any at this time. 9. • What kind of relationships does the character currently have? Spars one, her name is Melanie. And she is his best friend but he wants to peruse the relationship but is afraid if she doesn’t have the same feeling • Does he / she have any close friends? Melanie, and Siblings. • Bitter enemies? Nope not at this time. 10. • What is the character’s favorite color? Red, white and black • Do they generally wear this color? Only on a Special occasion • Favorite food? Meat and bread, but all foods. • Mode of music? Eh 11. • How does the character generally treat others? Friendly to most that he meets but not to those that look fishy • Does she / he trust easily? No but when they earned his trust they have it. 12. • What does the character look like? 6foot Black hair and Brown eyes and look normal. • Does he / she have any scars or tattoos? Only some on his back because of his hunting trip. And One scare that starts in on the forehead and comes across to the right cheek and across the right eye. • How did she / he get them? 13. • What is the character’s normal daily routine? While not hunting just helping his Father out at the smithing • How does he / she feel when it’s interrupted for whatever reason? Kind of happy to take rest from his work. 14. • What are the character’s dreams? Nothing to crazy just normal • Ambitions? Wanting to be an Adventure to be able to get some good Money to start a family off right. • Goals? Get money, and try winning the hart of Melanie • How does she / he seek to obtain them? Going on adventures • How does adventuring fit into this dream, or does it at all? Yes it dose. 15. • Does the character ever want to have a family of his / her own someday? Yes and one day it will happen and I’ll be happy when it comes • If so, with who or what type of person? Melanie if he can do it. But if not someone whose rich. 16. • Has the character ever considered the possibility of his / her own death? Yes • Has he / she made a will? no • If applicable, what do they think of magical resurrection? Its unnatural Part 2 • Look at your PC’s character ability scores – does he/she have any high/low scores? dex person • Did these scores result from circumstances in his/her early life? It’s to his life as hunter in ether running to check his pray or running from an animal that’s hunting him. • How did these scores affect the PC’s life? Well it saved my life in being able to run away from danger or I can make it in time save my friends. • How did they affect him/her in their chosen character class? Im a Scout and Ranger, and so I can see it helps a lot. • Why did the PCs come to choose his/her chosen character class? He choose the the Ranger because it something formeler that he already knows, and the scout was like the same in being a hunter. • Where is the PC’s home town? It’s a small Village in the Earth kingdom. • Look at the PC’s weapon and non-weapon proficiencies – how did they acquire them, especially the unusual ones. For example was fishing just a favorite pastime, or did the PC come from a fishing community? Smithing is the only thing. • What are the likes and dislikes of the PC? • Does he/she have any rational or irrational fears or phobias? Of being alone, and the Undead, Zombies. • What are the origins of or reasons for those fears or phobias? (There does not have to be a reason!) Well being alone came from his hunting trips, and the Undead came from his fear when I had to sleep in a cemetery. • What is the PC’s favorite food, style of clothing, of wearing their hair? There is no Special food that he likes over others. He likes Traveling cloths not any nobility style of clothing. For the hear he likes keeping is short. (like 2 on the sides, and 5 on tope) but he has a goatee. • Does the PC have any affinity with an animal of some type? I’m a ranger, so I know my way around Animals, but no great love for them. • Does he/she have any striking features or dominant personality traits (definitely should have at least one if the charisma score is above or below average). He 6 foot tall, Brode shoulders, And One scare that starts in on the forehead and comes across to the right cheek and across the right eye. • Does the PC have any strong opinions about the other sex, people’s habits, particular types of races/monsters, or politics? Hates the undead with a passion, loves the Opposite sex and the way they look. And really don’t care for the other races unless they are trying to force the opinions on his. • Does the PC have any hobbies? Excessive Mastication • How did the character become the alignment they have chosen? Chaotic, Good • Were the people he/she grew up with of similar alignment? Yes. • How is the PC with regard to material wealth? No greed in him and nothing to worry about. • Is the PC a supporter of the current ruler, or is he/she anti-government? Yes, only because the village he lives pretty far away from any big city where the government doesn’t have much influence. • Is she/he who they claim to be? Yes • Imagine your character dancing, even unwillingly. What song would he/she be dancing to? Any song, he’s not faired to dance. • Alternately, does your character have a ‘theme song’ or song that makes you think of them? No.

Thrang Silversmith

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