Leaves From The Vine

Plamen-Session six
the Journal of Plamen entry 6

we took Melanie to Broem’s house and there we talked to him about the map that goes some strange thing started to happen I could tell it was a put of the curse that was on him Se Tema touched him and went into a trance of some sort thinking back I know I hear something about curses be able to be broken so at that point we all felt the need to help Broem and I then found myself on the bank of a great lake and on the other side there was a castle and in one of the towers there was a light I felt that I needed to go to it. looking at the lake there were stepping stone to cross the lake so I took them and it was hard but do but was able. and got there and Broem was there I took his hand and then saw the other doing the same. then a mountain was is our site and I could feel it pulling on me. we all were back in Broem’s house and Broem started to asked what day it was and so we told him and he said something that at this time I cannot recall. because I have the strange sense that the mountain is pulling me to it. just then Broem tried to run and slipped and cracked his head on the fireplace. Thrang just barely missed saving him and then Melanie screamed and said we killed him. and then Mayor Gorst threw us in jail and to make things worst three of the villagers set it on fire so I went out so I may stay trial but my friend ran and Mayor Gorst attack me and nearly tried to kill me. but Lord Thane came just in time and save us from the mob as well as gave us the trial that was needed. after that we were told to leave so we did and as we traveled back to Ba Sing Se we came upon a town the was having Bandit problems and I did well at holding them off for the first bit but they overcame us and just as I was about to go Unconscious Se Tema who was off to see his dad came and got the last hit on the last one. and we toke the gold and everything that we need and went back to the village.

Se'Tema Intersession Level Up

At last the whole rigamarole of satisfying family honor has ended. I did not expect it to be so convoluted, or so deadly. Still, I have wind of an adventure that promises wealth, power, and bloodshed, so it was well worth it.

It was nice to be away from my companions though. Some of them try my patience exceedingly. I have drunk more alcohol over the last week trying to keep my cool then I ever have. And of course once I returned from my journey, I found my band of brave warriors dying at the hands of some shrimpy little dancing men who didn’t even outnumber them… I can’t even…

I do believe this was the longest I had been away from either of the temples of my parents at one stretch, and when I came back I realized that there is a substantial aura of power at this place. The scent of dragons weighs heavily there. and ever since I returned to my father, I dream… strange dreams. I see scraps and fragments of the lives of my ancestors, Ahpohcohlipseese and Ahrmahhedohn, the great reds.

Inter-session rewards

Chest with 29974gp

Items Collected

+1 Sudden stunning on Saber x3

Gloves of the Master Strategist x3

Boots Agile-leaping x3

Hewards handy haversack x3

Silent Portal disc x3

Liquid Sunlight x15

Enveloping Pit, Otyough Hole x1

Marbles x2

Rain Stick x3

Dukar Hand Coral x3

Total items value appx. 35000gp. Items sell for 1\2 value

Thrang Sivlersmith Bandit Incouter 3-4-2017

On our Way to the Sea we stopped at a small Village to rest, and we heard that the people are in need of some help taking care of some Bandits, we offered our assistance. We lead a trap and we got 2 out of 5, we followed the others to the hind out. In trying to Flush them out a battle ensued it was hard.

I for one was learning because this was one of my first fight with my new armor and weapon, so I was learning… these Bandits for some reason was every lucky in hitting us and getting through our defenses. Se Tama was off visiting his Dad and Ian went to the Sea port, to find us a ship for our journey. So it was Haradion and Plamen and I. Faced these 3 Bandits and we all were knocked out, not until we killed 2out of 3 and the last one should signs that he was close…. Se Tama showed up and attacked the lost one and killed him.

Haradion: Session 6 (2017-02-28)

Broem, alas, is dead. Whatever curse afflicted him was ultimately beyond our power to reverse, and it should not be surprising that the villagers blamed us. Neither does it really surprise me that this would result in fear and rioting; even trained soldiers fear magic, so what can one expect from superstitious villagers, especially when Se Tema displays his powers so openly before them? My training told me there was no way for us to stand against the mob, especially without our equipment. But what else was there to do? Even with invisibility, getting my comrades and their equipment out safely would have been like sneaking elephants out of a caravan. It was only Lord Thane’s intervention that saved us, and the price of that salvation was banishment from Tamarind Village. The injustice still stings, but in the end, it’s about the best we could have expected.

It seems that Broem left some armor and a sword for Thrang. He’ll need training, but the change seems to suit him. I’m not certain that I can say the same of my own changes. I went to scratch my nose today and nearly removed it from my face. My … scaly face. It’s fortunate that I managed to get a Hat of Disguise; no one else must know of this until I can determine what is happening to me.

Thrang Sivlersmith Session 6

Session 6 My life sucks right now. The home I have, I am no longer welcomed at home, because of stupid curs that Killed to Mentor Broem and now the whole Tamarind Village thinks that I did it… This of cores I didn’t do it because of our Map that Broem made had this Forgetful Curss on it. Something magical happen that I don’t understand but what I seen and have heard from my friends we all have something like a vision or something like that. Too put everything in order, we were locked up, some Villagers “Bob, John, and Sam” tired to burn us. We got out, and talked with Mayor Gorst, and Lord Thane and resolved everything. I’m not happy about this, but I can at least find out more What Broem back story, that he didn’t share often. Good news, Broem left me a gift when my friends and I made it too my home. Broem being Honest said that I wasn’t right with the Bow, but I’m more suited for a Armor and Sword and shield, I got a sweet set of armor.

Haradion: Session 5 (2017-02-21)

Recent events have reaffirmed my fear that I am growing weak in body and spirit. First I make a grave error with the Ents, and then I find myself nearly dead after a brief scuffle with a mere spectre. By all rights, I should be dead; I have no desire to know what embarrassing lengths others had to go in order to save my pathetic life. At times like this, I wonder whether I should have just stayed to help Mother. I abandoned her; I left my brothers-in-arms to face the Orcs without my aid, and now I have failed my companions twice in as many days. I’m no blacksmith, no warrior, and apparently no mage. What am I? What am I becoming? What must I be?

Plamen-Session five
the Journal of Plamen entry 5

As we got into the camp, I was looking around and started to see some familiar face. Se Tema being his brash self, walked in to talk to Melanie and shut the door behind him. so as we wait outside Haradion’s dog started to act up. Thrang went to help him. As all this is going on a rack came from the wagon. so my first thought was there go Se Tema’s anger. Am I going to have to make sure Thrang doesn’t try to kill him. If he hurt Melanie. The other tried to get in but couldn’t. then out of the blue Ian rips half the door off its hinges. I thought I’m glad I don’t own this wagon. but looking I know this is going to be bad. I could see a dark spirit inside that Se Tema was fighting and then to make things worse Haradion goes and tries to get in the wagon by squeezing through Se Tema legs and the spirit touches Haradion and takes his strength from him. So I pulled him out and got him stable so he would not die. What is it that my new friends keep getting hurt don’t they know that the best way not to die is to not get hit in the first place. That is the first thing my grandfather taught me when he trained me in fighting. but none the less I had to save yet another one of these people. Well, anyways we fight this spirit. they completely destroy the wagon. Se Tema being the hot head he is set the thing on fire. thankfully Melanie got pulled out before this. the spirit leaves and drops a cloak and Se Tema being the greedy person he just takes the thing and says nothing about it. I should have just let them take care of the thing by themselves. so after things calm down. Jax, comes up and see what is going on and thankfully I tell him and stop Se Tema from getting himself killed. my uncle even though he can’t see very well is a great fighter. and you have to be to run trade as long as he has. so I told him what happen and smoothed the whole thing. and had him take the funds I got back to my clan as well as the plans to help the growth on the Blackthorne Rose grove my clan run and got some shopping done to boot. So we made the decision to take Melanie back and we looked at the map and found out that is cured as the spirit try to get it from me since I took it to keep it safe. Well, it looks like we are going to have a lot of fun working this all out.

Se'Tema Session 4

How exhausting. Having to run after that stupid girl to get the map, fighting a bloody ghost… What an infuriating day. At least we have the map again. Except of course for the fact that we can’t read the bloody thing because of magic… I need a drink. Badly.

Haradion continues to act like a mambsy pambsy gold dragon. If he’d ever met one he might not be so proud of his ancestor. Golds are so stupidly concerned with purity and appearing good that they never actually do anything good. he’d better not start moralizing at me…

I need a drink…

That cloak… That was a nice cloak…


Haradion: Session 4 (2017-02-14)

The past few days have been terribly confusing and exhausting. As I expected, we faced justice for our slaughter of the Entlings—although the Ents’ sense of justice is almost shockingly merciful. As we completed our assigned penance, something…overwhelmed me. It’s exceptionally difficult to describe, but it’s almost as if the spirit of Ashyr spoke to me. Not verbally; it burned within my blood. Not long thereafter, I discovered that portions of my skin had turned…almost scaly. I’m not sure what has caused this peculiar effect? Was it merely latent draconic traits from my ancestry asserting themselves? Some Entish magic? A curse or a blessing from Ashyr himself? In any case, Se Tema seemed surprised but not shocked. In fact, he was even a bit…amused? dismissive? Something like that. He may know something that will help me unravel this enigma.


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