Leaves From The Vine

Haradion: Session 2 (2017-01-31)

To my initial dismay, Thrang, one of my fellow travellers, spoke for the entire available stock of Blackthorne Rose before I could speak. However, his motives seem sufficiently noble that I can hardly complain. With my own plans delayed, I determined that I might as well aid him in obtaining and delivering the cure, especially since the others are following as well. After some deliberation (which Glyss’s peculiar avian accent did not expedite), we negotiated both a reasonable price (or so I assume) and a contract that should provide means for me to recover the 1,000 gold pieces I provided to bolster the others’ meager funds.

We returned in the morning to find the shop locked, and knocking produced no response. I immediately assumed something was wrong; given the avian’s apparent business success and his fondness for carefully worded contracts, I had fully expected that he would have his shop open and the cure ready at the appointed hour. Indeed, something was wrong, but it was merely absent-minded incompetence. We had to break into his shop like common thieves, and I found him attempting to work with what was clearly the wrong potion base: nearly the most elementary mistake possible. I’m ashamed to admit that I snapped at him a bit from my sheer frustration, but we soon got things sorted out and were on our way.

Our trip to Thrang’s home county was rather uneventful aside from our crossing of an unusually treacherous ford. It seems a pleasant enough place; it reminds me of home. Home—one day I will return there. I can only hope that Mother will accept what I have become.

Plamen-Session two
the Journal of Plamen entry 2

Glyss Whitefeather came in and made a deal with Thrang, Se Tema, and Haradion they made a deal to get one dose of the cure for a 1000 gold and that they would bring him more Blackthone Rose. They ask me if I would come with them and help them and after think about how this might help me and if they find another grove that maybe I can get them to let my clan tend to the grove. So I told them yes I will go with you. But then we all split up for the night Se Tema to the nicest inn he could find. Haradion and Thrang went the ye old tavern. I went my way to the noble district to one of the inns for the night but we met up for the evening meal to discuss the way and where we should go we decided to take the cure to Broem then search for the Blackthone Rose. After a good night’s sleep we all met up at Glyss Whitefeather shop to get the cure but the door was lock and we try again and again to find a way in but to no avail. So I took out one of my picks and open the lock and just as I just about had it opened I moved just in time as the trap went off and I got out of the way just in time but my pick melted and fused to the lock. So we went in and the alarm went off but as this very loud alarm was going off I could just hear Glyss call out to come back so I did and there he was mixing something up and trying to turn off the alarm so I turned it off for him and he said we were late but we told him the door was lock and he was late and with that and some other discussion he gave us 100 gold off the price of the cure and we each took 25 of it. Glyss said that he was sorry and was having a hard time with the cure and that it wasn’t ready yet. Haradion was trying to tell him with he was doing wrong but just was make any it clear so Se Tema and I help him to slow down and speak clearly. With all of this done we all made our last need travel purchase and made our way to Broem. The travel there was uneventful and we are nearly there.

Se'tema Session 1

Session 1: “… Once again I found it impossible to hold back when I called on my powers. I cannot afford to become caught up in bloodlust, but I’m not sure that it is even possible to remain calm. I was… pleased… in the moment, to slaughter my attackers. Father would not be pleased with my lack of restraint.”

Thrang Silversmith Session 1: 1/24/16
1 Session

As I came back from one of my hunting trip I get word from my dear Melanie, that my Mentor Broem is sick and she asked me to go find a cure for him. So I set off for Ba-Sing-Se to Find Blackthorne Rose which I head can cure most Sicknesses. On my journey there on a late evening came upon a Caravan. They were nice enough to let stay the night with them. And as I was relaxing I got to meet Se-Tema who looked mysterious for he carried no weapons. He also had an air of arrogance with him. And Haradion who look reserved from the others. And Plamen who looked every professional and stuck up. But around the fire we we’re talking and drinking some Ale. But soon we heard a horn blow and we 12 riders coming fast. Plamen turned to us and said “Get ready for some action because here it comes” and so Haradion started shoot Magic Missiles and I grab My Bo of Wintermoon and started shooting. And Sa-tema truned to… something, I have no idea what but it was cool. Anyway I couldn’t hit thing expect for beginning and the end but it was a short battle. But in the battle I think I made some friendships that can last or at least help in the future. But after we were asked to help in keeping watch and were able to travel together in Ba-sing-se. When we got there, I thought we spilt and go our way but as we were asking I found out that we all we going for the same thing, and that Sa-tema is looking for the cure for my mentor as well, because of Brome saved his father in the war. In return he’s trying to help save his life. When we all made it to the shop, and we got there we were greeted by Glyss the Alchemist and Apothecary.

Haradion: Session 1 (2017-01-24)

Near the close of the day’s journeys, I encountered a caravan not far from Ba Sing Se. I accepted an offer to lodge with them for the night. It appears that this is a common practice; several other travelers joined us. Quite a motley bunch.

Toward late evening, a group of armed bandits came upon us. They seemed quite interested in the contents of a vault belonging to a fellow named Plamen. They caught me slightly off guard; I must be more vigilant in the future. The other travelers joined me in inflicting swift justice. One of them, a rather enigmatic fellow by the name of Se Tema, displayed some very unusual magical abilities. Many of them seemed draconic in nature. Is it possible that this curious traveler has draconic ancestry more recent than my own? That would certainly explain his magical talent; he hardly seems disciplined enough for a wizard’s study. The only other explanation I can devise is that he has made some kind of unholy pact—which I wouldn’t put past someone of his apparent character.

In any case, we made short work of the bandits and prepared the few survivors to meet their fate at the hands of the law. I awoke stiff and weary after what little remained of the night and left the grateful caravan at Ba Sing Se.

To my surprise, I encountered several of the previous travelers outside the shop of one Glyss Whitefeather. As fate would have it, I discovered that Plamen was negotiating a contract for the delivery of the very Blackthorne Rose which I have been seeking! I must obtain a sample at the earliest opportunity. Curiously enough, two of the other travelers also showed interest in the Rose’s healing properties. From what little I gathered, they apparently hope to cure a man who is gravely ill. It seems a noble venture, and perhaps it would even offer an opportunity to further my own research.

Plamen-Session One: 1/24/16
the Journal of Plamen entry 1

I was sitting by the fire eating my evening meal of bread and stewed meat. Thinking to myself this has been a nice easy and uneventful trip and tomorrow it will be over. I wish it wouldn’t end so soon but after I get this rose blackthorn to Glyss Whitefeather, I will have to go back to my clan and report on how the deal went. As I was setting there the caravan master walked with a few odd and new people that I haven’t met before, they introduced themselves as Se Tema, Thrang silversmith, and Haradion. To me, Se Tema seems a little full of himself he just came and eat and drank and talked about knowing all theses people. Haradion was a little reserved I’m not sure what to think about him yet. Thrang he was very chatty and it seems to me that he was trying to hide his wary for how his master is doing heath wise he said he has something that he hasn’t been able to get over yet. so as we sat there talking the caravan master came and did his nightly routine of coming and talk to the new people and asking for money or help with the night watch. All of a sudden one of the guards blew his horn and as I looked into the distant I could see 12 riders charging to us. By what I could see they were not here to make friends or enjoy the safety of the camp. they were here for my clans vault crate. this I would not take sitting down I told those around me that I hope there ready for some action because here it comes. threw all the thing that happened next. I can say that I am glad those three came that night for in the battle the caravan master died and a few other guards and I don’t know if I could have fended then off completely. After the bandits either were died, dying or ran away. I stopped the bleeding of two of them so they could face the ends of the law. but the rest of the three new friends went and looted the bodies of the fallen. but that is their business. so then one of the guards came up to us and thank us for saving their lives and asked us if we could take watches seeing that their friends and other guards died. so we did but it made for a long night. then we made our way into the city and I made my way to make the deal. after I just about got done making the deal for my clan with the assistant which went very good. the three travelers from the night before walk in and talking about how they need this cure. And right as they started talking we heard something from the back and Glyss Whitefeather came out to greet us.

GM log session one: 1/24/16
The Thorn of the Rose

Thrang: Broem is Dying… Melanie has asked thrang to go find a cure in Ba Sing Se.

Plamen: The clan has found a rare plant (Blackthorne Rose) that serves as a cure for most illness. They have asked Plamen to take it to a famous alchemist and apothecary in Ba Sing Se to have it distilled into such a cure.

Se Tema: Se Tema is tasked by his father to find his old friend Broem and return a modest sum of money to him. In The War, Broem had served with his father, and when his father had gambled away the last of his wages, Broem had lent him money to have his armor fixed. The very next day, in battle, his father’s life was saved by that armor, but his mercenary band had been called to service somewhere else, and he had never had a chance to pay Broem back. with interest, the amount comes to 500 silver pieces.

Ja’Man Ca’ree: Ja’man has been serving as bodyguard to the alchemist for the last several years, after the alchemist bought out his debts in exchange for indentured servitude.

Haradion: Haradion has need of herbs for his spell component pouch, but nobody can seem to provide him with Blackthorne Rose, which he needs as a component to cast healing spells. He is traveling to Ba Sing Se to see if any of the master alchemists or apothecaries have it.

Ian: Ian is a caravan guard after serving in The War. He is tasked with guarding the vault cart.

A diverse assortment of adventurers meet on the road about a day out from Ba Sing Se. They are eating dinner, quaffing ale, and talking amongst themselves when the alarm is raised. Bandits have been spotted!

The bandits attack, hoping to rob the caravan of whatever valuables would warrant such a vault cart as the one that is present to carry the extraordinarily precious Blackthorne Rose to broker a supply deal with a famous alchemist in the city.

The attack commences and the adventurers rise to the challenge, fending off the dozen highwaymen, capturing three to face justice, and killing five more.

The tired adventurers keep a night watch, continuing to aid the caravan that offered them shelter on the road. The next morning comes too soon for anyone’s liking, and they travel into the city to further their goals. Plamen Brokers a lucrative deal for his clan to supply Glyss with a steady, if modest, amount of the curative flower, and the various other others arrive at the alchemy shop only to discover that they are all connected in some way.


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