Leaves From The Vine

Haradion: Session 4 (2017-02-14)

The past few days have been terribly confusing and exhausting. As I expected, we faced justice for our slaughter of the Entlings—although the Ents’ sense of justice is almost shockingly merciful. As we completed our assigned penance, something…overwhelmed me. It’s exceptionally difficult to describe, but it’s almost as if the spirit of Ashyr spoke to me. Not verbally; it burned within my blood. Not long thereafter, I discovered that portions of my skin had turned…almost scaly. I’m not sure what has caused this peculiar effect? Was it merely latent draconic traits from my ancestry asserting themselves? Some Entish magic? A curse or a blessing from Ashyr himself? In any case, Se Tema seemed surprised but not shocked. In fact, he was even a bit…amused? dismissive? Something like that. He may know something that will help me unravel this enigma.

Thrang Silversmith session 5

Session 5 Alright, I and my Friends caught up with Melanie and the Caravan which by looks like the caravan knows Plamen. Setema is talking with Melanie and trying to find out what the hack is going on. While I am helping Haradion tame his scared Dog? I don’t know what would scare that thing… it’s a big dog. In trying to tame the Dog we all heard a loud sound and a roar from the Wagon. That got our attention. What we were fighting is like a Ghost thingy. It was hard to hit…. I accidentally hit Ian… not one of my greatest monuments.. In the after math of our battle I tried helping Melanie she bit my head off. I can’t blame her for acting the way she did. I only wish I could be more of a help to her. I know how this looks like from my friends point of view. But I can only hope everything will work out. But to be honest with myself I don’t really think it’s not going to work out. But as I’m seeing everything has its time and place.

Se'Tema Post Festival Pre Map Theft Discorvery

Yesterday was… hard to describe. My fathers obligation is resolved. I need only carry a small flask to him and this entire strange chapter can end. There are big things coming in the future. This treasure map Broem gave us excites me more than anything has in a long while… And that whole mixup with the Ents and their silly ways. It is good not have enemies, but doing that task for them felt to much like admitting fault. oh well, It’s over.

This backwater festival was utterly underwhelming. At least the alcohol was plentiful, and even surprisingly good. I believe my companions are confused by how much I drink. I think they would mind less if they were aware of much I depend on the effects of to keep the edge off. The urge to unleash the full breadth of my powers indiscriminately can grow so strong. It is far better that I drink than kill my companions.

Plamen-Session four
the Journal of Plamen entry 4

After our uneventful night rest, Haradion was very troubled by what we did to the entlings. we made our way to Broem cabin. when we got to the clearing everyone was looking around and they could see the smoke rising so I knock and Broem answered by calling out as we got introduced by Thrang. so after talking to him, we gave him the cure and he almost dropped it a good thing at I caught it and didn’t lose a drop. Then Thrang went over the story about how we all meet and came to him. He gave us a map that I could tell the stories that my grandfather told me it was somewhere in The BreakLands. Broem then said that we could take some of his Blackthorne Rose and I when and told him how we harvest and we back in my clan and he gave me some tip to help us out and as I went back to harvest some and has was set up so nice on trellis and very well taken care of. Noted how they are set up I want this for the grove that my clan is tending. After all of this, we made the choose to go make things right with the ents. Went to do this at their sacred grove and they have us the quest to burn down the overgrown part of the forest us we did and it made Haradion feel a little better but he suffered a little heat stroke and smoke inhalation. So we sent him and Se Tema back when we were done with everything here. And we made our way back to Tamarind for the feast. After a fun night of dancing and eating and drinking. We went to bed and then the next morning as we were going to leave went looking for the map and it was gone. I then thinking back I remember Melanie looking for water in Thrangpack. Maybe she wasn’t just getting water so we went over to her house but she was gone and she left in a rush. So Se Tema and Thrang went looking for her and we trailed behind they founder in a camp and when I got there I could see that it was one of my clan’s camps.

Thrang Silversmith Session 4

I woke up dazed but also refreshed from our rest after the battle. It looked to me that everyone else fared pretty good during the battle with the Entlings. I should’ve been able to tell what they were and how we could’ve resolved it before we killed them. Haradion he looked to be deeply troubled and sorful for what we did, I don’t blame him or the others for what we did for defending of ourselves. I hope now we learn from this and that someday soon I can make restitution. When we finely made it to Broem‘s house. Broem was surprise to see us, and especially Melanie, but he was glad to hear that we had a cure for his sickness. I am very happy to see him alive and well. Well still breathing and all.

After talking the cure and getting some good rest. We talked. He asked what happen on our little Quest. So I told him that I met my friends on the way to Ba-sing-sehad where fought Bandits and got the cure came back learned that you (Broem) went to your Home in the Forest. And on our way we fought to Entlings…. That is point I felt more embarrassed and shamed because my mentor Broem had every right to chastise me, for not knowing better. Luckily he helped tell us what we could do to make Restitution for what we did. And my mentor decided that I am ready. He gave me a map that he drew and told us that during the war he was charge to hind treasure. So he gave us a map to look for it.

When we finely made it back we had awesome time. My friends stayed at my place. I got up made Breakfast and was getting ready to continue our adventure, I found no maps someone stole them. Someone said they saw Melanie I could not believe it, but I agreed to go and ask. We couldn’t find her at her place. We searched and we soon found her joining a caravan of merchants. And I can’t wait to find out the He!! is going On!!

Haradion: Session 3 (2017-02-07)

We encountered even more delay in Tamarind Village. I should hardly be surprised at this point; at the rate I’m going, I’ll have to shave an entire herd of yaks before I obtain my Blackthorne Rose. Apparently this Broem is less ill than I assumed—or perhaps more—as he has abandoned the safety of the village to sequester himself in a hunting cabin. Of course, now we have to chase after him.

Given the rumors of trolls, I prepared to defend the party, but I didn’t expect the encounter in which we found ourselves entangled. In an attempt to free Thrang’s friend, I unintentionally engendered the wrath of a pair of Entlings, and in the heat of the moment, I fought back. It was only as we were tending to our wounds that I realized the magnitude of my foolishness. The Ents love peace above all else; surely I could have reasoned with them. If only I knew how to communicate with them. I’ll have to learn that now; the Ent council will be deeply displeased, and they have every right to be. This is not the first time I have erred due to a misunderstanding, but something about the recent events is especially disturbing to me. I must do all I can to ensure that this time is the last.

Se'Tema: Session 3

Yesterday was an eye opener. For the first time in my life, I got into a fight I couldn’t have won on my own. I have never had true cause to be grateful for any traveling companions before, but I forced to admit that any attempt to discharge my fathers obligation to Broem would have failed if not for the others of my party. Haradion and Plumen both showed admirable levels of competence in combat, though I am a little disappointed that the pupil of the man my father spoke so highly of seems so inept in battle. Even the girl showed more fighting spirit than this Thrang fellow. Perhaps he is lying to us about having the venerable warrior as his mentor…

I am well accustomed to hardship. At both the temple of my Mother and the temple of my Father, I took part in brutal training to help me learn to call upon my draconian nature and gifts. Still, I came closer to dying yesterday than ever before and it is for that, I think, when I woke up this morning, I could feel that the fire inside me burns hotter than before, and my draconic form is even more true. I think adventuring suits me well. I ache to fight again.

Plamen-Session three
the Journal of Plamen entry 3

We made it to Thrang’s village it is a quaint little town and they seem to be getting ready for the spring festival. AS we talked in we met the mayor of the village and he invited us to come to the festival saying that there was a feast tonight. It’s sound all well and good but Thrang focused on saving was Broem so we went to his lady’s place. So as went I just wanted to have fun with Thrang I told him that I was going to take his girl. As we knock on the door she told us to go away so he knocked again and said his name and she still told him to go away. So I might have a good chance of taking her to the fair and we will see where it goes from there. But as she opened the door and look at her I could see that she was not my type so I told Thrang that he can have her. She told us that he is at his cabin to rest. So Thrang started to leave. So I guess we are going to miss the feast so we cross the river and Thrang tells us he doesn’t even know where the cabin. great now we have to go find him. As we are going and make our way through the woods all of a sudden Melanie gets stuck so we pull her out and two big tree-like monsters start attacking us and we fight them off but Thrang gets hurt really bad and after we kill the two and Se Tema go and does what he does after every battle and keeps attacking the dead things. I really think he has some anger issues. So I went and to help Thrang so I feed him his CMW potion but after it was done I could see that the potion was filling back up so I took the bottle as payment for the help. As when the was all said and done they all decided to spend the night in this grove. So we are missing the feast. Se Tema is not going to like this. As I was sitting by the fire and thinking of all the danger that I could get in with these people my mind went back to the things my father tried to teach me back when I was younger and I think at maybe it wouldn’t be as bad of a thought to restart what he tried to teach me so long ago. As all the other lay sleeping I looked at my palm and a small light appeared in it.

Thrang Silversmith session 3

Session 3 We finally got back to my Village! I can finally save Broem from his sickness, on our way to Melanie House. We ran in to the Mayor of Tamarind village, it was good to see him, I introduced him to my companions, and he invited them to the spring festival. As we our way to Melanie, My friends where asking if with we were anything more than friends. My response was more of a “… yes. I think” Plamen asked “So you don’t know How far you are would you mine us giving it a try” Me “I don’t mind but I think I got a head start my good friend.” Se Tame says “we’ll see…” We get there and we nock on the door and we hear from inside to go way but I can’t, I mean we can’t because we need to know where Broem is, Also I really wanted to see her. She came to the door and as soon as the others saw her I heard or at least I heard that “…you can win the race…” anyway told us that Broem went to His Cabin in the Woods to heal and rest and not be a burden to anyone. So off we go to find Broem’s Cabin. And on our way Melanie seemed distant and sad, I wonder what’s going on. I almost get my foot stuck but I forgot to let the others know and Melanie got stuck and Haradion helped here chop the route to get her foot out. But that’s when fight happen, and embarrassment. Two Ents attacked. One grappled me and tied me down and the other attacked my friends. By what I could see, My friends attacked and killed both swiftly but not in time for one to try to rip me apart but instead made me unconscious. The embarrassing part is that Melanie was there and saw that I did noting except go unconscious. The next thing I knew was that I’m alive and next to a fire…

Se'Tema Session 2

It has been 4 days now since I have called on my powers and the urge to do so is nearly overwhelming. I don’t know how long I continue to play the lighthearted, privileged, regular person without snapping. My dreams grow progressively more disturbing…

My mind keeps going back to that absurd bird whose shop we broke into. I got the distant impression that he was dangerous, but I kept taunting him and taking advantage of him. I cannot help but think that that was a very silly thing to do. I must watch myself now; there are others as dangerous as I out there. Yet, I believe I will be going to “Shop of Gliss” again; the scent of magic was stronger there then any other place I have been before.

I did not imagine that I be able to carry out my fathers charge so easily, and I still do not think it can be so simple . Something is surely on the horizon, I feel it in my gut.


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