Melanie the Ship

Melanie is a retired warship(formerly “Gleaming Endeavor”) that has been outfitted to be a cargo ship. It is a Barquentine.

Displacement 1,540,000 lbs
Length 258 ft overall; 220 ft hull length
Beam 35 ft
Height foremast 128 ft; mainmast 135 ft; mizzenmast 130 ft
Draft 17 ft
Sail plan Three-masted Barquentine, 15 sails: four jibs, four square foresails, three staysails, two spankers, two gaff topsails
Speed 13 knots
Crew 150 (currently 75)
Cargo Space Light 300000lbs. Medium 600,000lbs. Heavy 1,200,000 lbs.
Sail 17500 feet
Captain Captain- Captain
Boatswain Marcus
Master-At-Arms Plamen
Quartermaster Thrang
Ship’s Mage Haradion
Gunnery Officer Ian
Helm Officer Gerald
Navigator Brother Longfoot

Thrang Notes

Plamen’s noble Contacts Got us this ship, Which I’m grateful and glad that he is willing to help us figure out this Mysterious Quest that Broem, my Mentor has set us on. But… is figuring out a name for the Boat and we were all throws ideas in, and Plamen throws up the Name Melanie and everyone agrees on… I swear I could’ve seen a wink and a big smile my… in reminding me of My love that left me… that Buger…. and to make it better the Captains Mothers name in Melanie, and that is how the name was chosen.

Melanie the Ship

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