Thrang Notes

Thrang Notes Glyss Whitefeather contract Completed with Black Thorn Rose. Our new Contract is to take Content Not Found: null Nephew of Glyss Whitefeather on our Adventure and bring him Home in a year time, Alive!

1 Create of Black Thorn Rose worth 60,000 Gp – We have collected 20% of a create. Black thorn Rose if Distilled can cure most sickness but must be Drank every drop, you can wash it down with water, or Lima Milk.

Ba-sing-se Falling Rose Inn 25 Gp for one night, they have a pool that heals 20 Hp Per hour

Broem -Has Good mead and Black Thorn Rose–4 Plants–worth 20% – 5lb Next to his Forest Hut. Broem gave us a map that has a Rune of Forgetfulness on it, it makes a Challenge to read and to follow the directions. Map of the Break Lands – Across The Silent Sea Broem said “The City will fall… we must hurry!!!” Todays date is year 816-Spring day 15 -Broem was in the War that was saving the City. Thrang and Companions are not Welcomed to Trimred Villge at all. but we are in fact welcomed to Lord Thane Hold but must be accompanied by one of Lord Thane men.

Brother LongFoot

We asked Brother Longfoot to help fill in the blanks on Broem Map but his cost is 15,000 gp and we all used our gold in helping finance the Voyage, So have is promise that he will not sell the map to anyone, but we will continue the Discussion about the map when we have finished our voyage through the Salient Sea.

The Ship Melanie

This is a Warship that has been outfitted to be a cargo Ship, and it has been Named Melanie. Her Captain name is Captain, and the Crew (75) of the Ship has been haired by Plamen. Plamen noble Contacts Got us this ship, Which I’m grateful and glad that he is willing to help us figure out this Mysterious Quest that Broem, my Mentor has set us on. But… is figuring out a name for the Boat and we were all throws ideas in, and Plamen throws up the Name Melanie and everyone agrees on… I swear I could’ve seen a wink and a big smile my… in reminding me of My love that left me… that Buger…. and to make it better the Captains Mothers name in Melanie, and that is how the name was chosen.

Captain of the Ship

I really don’t think that the Captains name is Captain.. there must be a reason why she does not share that, or she doesn’t trust anyone. and I don’t blame her. but I hope through this little Voyage that my friends and I can earn her trust. Well I learned something of our Captain. I heard Marcus say “yes Captain Beifong…” and she hushed him. so there is more to our Captain then we see.

We have a Ship to cross the Silent Sea, Our ship name is Melanie the Ship. -Thoughts We need to remember to get for the Ships Mage (Bard) and the Canons (Seeing at least to get 2 more Heavy ones to be put in the Back of the Ship.) And if Possible get a full crew of 150.

- Plamen Haired the crew for about 15,000 Gp 75 crew members

- Se Tema brought in to the Ship’s cargo hold and have 2% in the Profit

- Thrang Silversmith same 2% of the Ship’s Cargo

- And we are charged in keeping the crew and ship safe.

Personal note, No more Fooling around in the City’s!!!

Ship Seraphim


Thrang Notes

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