Leaves From The Vine

Plamen-Session seven

the Journal of Plamen entry 7

we got back to the city and gave Glyss Whitefeather the Blackthorne Rose, we got for him and then he asked if he could know the place that it grows but I couldn’t tell him for it was not mine to give. Then we heard a lot of noise come from the back it turned out to be Glyss’s nephew he looks like a clumsy person to me. and then just to get rid of him he told us to take him with us and he would give us a 5% discount when we bought him back alive. and me having this money burning a hole in my pocket I convinced him to give us 2.5% now. and 2.5% when he came back. with that, we took a few nights in the city as I found a ship to take us to the The BreakLands so we could check up on the map we got. I found one and we talk the guy into going but we had to get the crew so I took care of that and got us a good crew and we met the captain and her officers and set sail. as we went Brother Longfoot, who is the ship’s cartographer we ask him about making a better map for us and he said he could and that I would cost 15000 GP to do so. so we did it but part of me thinks we should have taken the map to a priest to get the curse removed first. but anyway as we met with the officer to name the ship and to help Thrang out because we always need a reminder of what we lost for without it. we can not grow to be better men. so I offered the name of Melanie to name this fine ship and to make it better the captain’s mother’s name is Melaine. Yes I looked over and saw Thrang give me the stink eye but It stuck and now the fine ship Melanie is on her way.



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