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Race Human Alignment Chaotic Good

HP xxx
Class Build

Water Bender 4

Attribute Value Modifier1 Modifier2 Modifier3 Modifier4 Modifier5
Initiative: +x x Dex +x x x
Speed: xxft x x x x
BAB: +3
Grapple: +x x Strength +x x x
Armor Class: xx Armor +xx Dex +x Shield +x Def +x Nat +x, Inst+x
Flat-Footed/Denied Dex: xx Armor +xx x Shield +x Def +x Nat +x, Inst+x
Touch AC: xx x Dex +x x Def +x, Inst+x
Ability Scores
Ability Total Base Magic
Str xx xx x
Dex xx xx x
Con xx xx x
Int xx xx x
Wis xx xx x
Cha xx xx x
Attack Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Threat/Multiplier Reach
On- Hand +1 Rocking Axe +xx/+xx/+xx/+xx 1d10+xdx+xx xx-20/Xx xft
Off Hand +1 Sweet-Ass Longsword +xx/+xx/+xx 1d8+xdx+xx xx-20/Xx xft
AOO xx +xx xdx+xdx+xx xx-20/Xx xft
Circumstantial Combat Modifiers
Save Bonus Base Ability Magic
Fortitude xx xx xx xx
Reflex xx xx xx xx
Will xx xx xx xx
|Skills| |Skill|Total|Ranks|Ability|Misc|Conditional Modifiers|
  • Only put the skills you will use or have ranks in.
  • Common
Level Feat Description
1 Power attack Trade Attack Bonus for Damage
3 Two weapon fighting Reduce Penalties for Fighting with two weapons
6 Arcane Strike Sacrifice Spells for Bonuses to Hit and Damage
9 Improved Two Weapon Fighting Reduce Penalties further for fighting with two weapons
12 Oversize Two weapon Fighting Reduce Penalty for using 1-handed weapon in off hand
15 Greater Two Weapon Fighting Reduce Penalties further for fighting with two weapons
18 Improved Critical(longsword) Increase Critical Threat when wielding a Longsword
Human:(Racial) Able Learner Cross Class Skills cost 1 skill point per rank.
Human:(Bonus) Combat Reflexes Extra Attacks of Opportunity each round
Class Abilities
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • etc.
Magical Equipment
Item Body Slot/Item Type Abilities
+5 thingy Torso stuff
+6 Belt of holding pants up Belt +6 Enhancement Bonus to holding pants up
+5 Longsword Weapon whack!
+5 Longsword Weapon whack!
+5 Shield Shield Protects me from arrows
Torc Head Is Shiny
Vanguard Treads Boots No movement penalty over rough terrain, +8 against some attacks
Ring of Arming Ring Put my clothes on
Greatreach Arms Extend Reach 2/day
Ring of Protection +5 Ring +5 Deflection bonus to AC
Normal Equipment/Wands/Potions/Scrolls
  • Example Item
  • Wand of stuff xx/50
  • Wand of other stuff xx/50
  • Scroll of better stuff
  • Wand of Cure dudes xx/50
  • Wand of Magic Spells xx/50
  • Wand of etc. xx/50
  • Bag of Asst. stuff
Level Power Name Point Cost DC
0 xx xx xx
1 xx xx xx
2 xx xx xx
3 xx xx xx
4 xx xx xx
5 xx xx xx
etc. etc. etc. etc.

Gold: xxpp, xxgp, xxsp, xxcp

XP: xxxx Bonus XP xxxx

Hit Die Rolls x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,etc.


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